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January 26, 2008

ウエラ 目覚まし時計 / Wehrle Alarm Clock

ドイツ・ウエラ社の目覚まし時計です。購入したのは大分前になります。3 in 1(スリー・イン・ワン)というモデルが有名なようですが既に廃番になっており、これは温度計、湿度計、気圧計が加わった6 in 1(シックス・イン・ワン) というモデルになります。

Alarm clock made by Germany clock maker Wehrle. I bought this one long time ago, a model “3 in 1” is the most famous alarm clock but it’s been no longer available. This is the newest model “6 in 1” included functions: alarm, thermometer, hygrometer, and barometer.

There are no bells being on the clock because body shell itself is the bell.


One more a clock from Wehrl, a travel clock with lather case, It's a good design and a fine time piece.

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