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January 24, 2008

モーフィーリチャーズ マンハッタンケトル / Manhattan Kettle from Morphy Richards


I had been out of Japan around 5 years. During this period, I found useful electric stuffs which are not major ones in Japan, i.e. built-in front loading washing machine. A washing machine, top loading style, is usually put near a bathroom, or a veranda in Japanese houses, but a built-in type needs small space below a kitchen, and has a neat figure. I also like an electric kettle. It's an often used staff to make boiled water quickly. An electric water boiler (like this one) is popular one in Japan, but this water boiler should consume electricity during its running to keep warm, it's waste to me.

という事で、これは英国の老舗家電メーカー、モーフィーリチャーズ社製の電気ケトル、マンハッタン ケトルです。ティファールやフィリップスの電気ケトルはよく見ますけど、ここまでのデザインの物はなかなか無いですね。スイッチを入れると水のレベルゲージの部分が青く光ります。光沢のあるボディーもなかなか。

This electric kettle "Manhattan Kettle" is made by Morphy Richards from the UK. DeLonghi, Tefal, or Phillips are major brands for electric kettles but the Manhattan Kettle doesn't like such brabnds' designs. The blue LED lights a water level gauge during the kettle is running.


This is "Manhattan Toaster". I don't like to eat toast, no need then.

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