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January 23, 2008

中国衝撃ニュース / Shocking News from China



報道によると、殺害され100以上にバラバラにされる被害者が撮影された。女子学生は北京の貧困家庭の出身で、被害者とはホステスとして働いていたナイトクラブ で知り合ったという。『バラバラ殺人の目的は、女子学生の被害者に対する憎しみと同時に、被害者の身元を隠す為』とローカルメディアは報じている。

Shocking news from China...

Woman filmed killing of lover (Source
BEIJING - A 19-year-old Chinese student recorded the killing and dismembering of her married lover by her boyfriend, local media said on Friday.
The second-year student in the southwestern province of Yunnan, her boyfriend and another male accomplice had all been arrested after the killing last month, the Southern Metropolis Daily said.
The victim, 39, was a married manager at a local highway and bridge building company, the newspaper said.
The girl, who was from a struggling family in the capital Beijing and met the victim as a nightclub hostess, filmed as he was killed and his body was cut into "hundreds of pieces," the newspaper said.
"The dismembering was both out of hatred and aimed at making the body unrecognisable," the report said.

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