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October 14, 2007

雑多な写真 ロシアより / Miscellaneous Piccies from Russia


Lazarev is a small city located at the far east Russia and is nearest to the Sakhalin island. Tatar strait will be frozen during winter seasons, and people will try to reach the Island by cars.


The picture shows how to tap off from a beer bottle in Russia. This is not joking. They normally use a lighter to draw off the top.

Salmon roe is a quite expensive in Japan, but in Russia even a pussy cat can eat it.


Apples from Aomori, where the most major source of apples in Japan, are selling at Khabarovsk. It is a high-class food in there, and its price is 6 times higher than other ordinary ones.

A Russian lunch box provided by a hotel canteen, Nice ha?

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