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October 9, 2007

ボゴロドツカヤ&ネジェニア・ガヴァーニ#2 / Bogorodscoe and Nezhniaa Gavani #2


Nezhniaa Gavani, it takes about 1 hour by car from Bogordoscoe, is a famous hot spring resort in Khabarovsk region, far east Russia. Actually there is not a resort but like a medical treatment centre by means of hot springs. No one was walking in the town, it was a quiet place.

The left building is a kitchen, centre one is a hostel, and the right one is a rest home. Either no one was there…


All guest should have instructions from a doctor in the village prior to receiving treatments, i.e. Jacuzzi, mud bath, massage, etc.etc. All staffs wear white coats, and I felt I came in a hospital


This is the Jacuzzi, a staff will massage a patient, or a guest. I couldn't receive it due to no instruction from a doctor.


They are working at a mud bath place. From the right, the doctor, for mud packing, and mud material manager… they were so kind and guided me… Sposibo.

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