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October 5, 2007

ボゴロドツカヤ&ネジェニア・ガヴァーニ #1 / Bogorodscoe and Nezhniaa Gavani #1

ロシアに入国した外国人でビザが必要な国から来た人がその町に72時間以上滞在する場合はその町の行政区役所で登録をしなければなりません。大きな町の場合はホテルが代行しますが小さい町では役所へ出向かなければなりません。デカストリの 場合はボゴロドツカヤという町がその行政区役所にあたります。アムール川(中国名:黒竜江)沿いに位置する小さな町です。

In Russia, all foreign visitors, who needs to acquire visas, should be registered by local administration offices. Hotel administration will supply the registration, but the foreign visitors should go to the administration office in small local towns. Bogorodscoe is the town where is with an administration office, located along the Amur river.


This is an anchorage for a high speed ferry from Khabarovsk to Nikolayevsk na Amure. It takes about 12 hours from Khabarovsk to the Anchorage Bogorodscoe.


The only one restaurant in the towm, it's like a small buffet. I visited on a weekday noon, but every single visitor, except me, drunk beer, vodka, or cognac.


You may see small holes on the ceiling, these are made by tops of champagne bottles…

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