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December 4, 2007

ピエール・コルテ / Pierre Corthay - Bottier à Paris


I'm posting after a long absence. I got a month leave, and during the leave, I did preparation for a removal to Tokyo, shopping, and something to do in Japan, but nothing special, like get a beach with beer.




A French shoemaker Corthay makes these shoes named Arca. Corthay started from 1990 in Paris as a bespoke shoemaker, and started in Tokyo 2004. The shoes colour is umber brown, and is expressed gradation of brown from the toe / heel and the upper. When I fitted on, the shoes colour was a just light brown. After the fitting, had a conversation with a shop master to make decision about colour / gradation., and polishing. After the fitting, the shoes will be delivered a week later.

“Billet de l'aigle (eagle’s beak)” sharp and neat designed toe, is the characteristic of Corthay. Simple design of Arca and beautiful contour of the toe are brilliant.


This is Jouvet, monk-strap model, which is made by the same last with Arca. These shoes don’t use elastic materials, a shop master will confirm if the strap hole is fitted. In my case, it wasn’t required to make other holes, but regular holes are fitted perfectly for my feet. I prefer monk-strap shoes and this Jouvet is particularly excellent, like bespoke strap shoes.

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