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August 8, 2007

テロス2500 / Telos2500

GOLUDMUND Mono Power Amplifier Telos2500


This is a monaural power amplifier Telos 2500 from Goldmund. It tags the Telos 2500 at 109,000 USD in Japan. A claimed maximum power is 2500W/8ohm… unbelievable power and the price as well. This power amplifier is integrated with D/A converter, this is why, it can be possible to connect by a digital cable from an amplifier which has digital an output port. If you feel this is too expensive, Goldmund provides a middle-class model Telos 600, maximum power is 600W/8ohm. The price is 47,000 USD… cheaper than Telos 2500 anyway. As Glodmund official page shows, Telos 5000 is now coming, the price is… God knows.

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