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August 28, 2007

ロシア流BBQ デカストリ / Russian BBQ Party at De-Kastri


I had a party the last weekend with my Russian staffs at De-Kastri, far East Russia because the project is almost completing. Probably the party is last one with my guys.

These are guts of a gout, frying with much onion and salt.

The guys are there.

皆に『この写真を俺のブログに投稿して良いか?』と聞いたら『ニエット プロブレム!(問題なし!)』との事。明るく楽しい連中です。

I asked them if I can post the pictures to my blog, then they said "Niet Problem." Good guys they are…

1 comment:

Concorde said...

The completion of your project seems to be earlier than us. The location where you should come back is Cilegon, not Japan. Just reminding.