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December 11, 2007

ある日本人旅行者達 / Japanese Tourists in a Russian Bar


別に盗み聞きする趣味はありませんが、声が大きいので私の耳にも聞こえてきます。どうも皆さん会社の社長さんのようです。彼らはグラスのウォッカを頼み、それを待っている間に『あのロシア人いい女だな』などと言っています。そして、一人がなんと『How much?』と彼女たちに声を掛けました。悪い予感的中です。女性たちは英語が分かっているのかいないのか顔は向けましたが、無視しています。『参ったなー、英語通じねぇのか?』などと、その一人はつぶやいています。若い40代の男に『おい、お前あいつら何とかしてこい』などと言っており、もうめちゃくちゃです。

そうこうしている内に、その女性達の女友達が着ました。すると今度はそのおっさんが再度『How much?』と数回聞いています。その遅れてきた友達は英語が話せるらしく『We are not Russian prostitutes! (私たちロシア人売春婦じゃないわよ!)』との返事。しかし、おっさんはHow much以外の英語を知らないらしく、その返事の意味が分かりません。『何て言ったんだ今?』などと言っています。しばらくして、どうにもならないと分かったらしくウォッカを飲み干して帰っていきました。




On the last day in Khabarovsk, Russia, I saw Japanese tourists who offended people around. 2 friends and I got a bar “Doping bar” located in front of Khabarovsk Intourist hotel. A couple of visitors were there, also 2 Russian girls occupied a table. The Japanese tourists about 5 guys came in, they looked as if they were around 60 years old except a rather young guy looked like around 40. They got a table nearest the Russian ladies table. I foresaw negative things.

I wasn't interesting about their conversation, however because they were too loud, I could hear the conversation, looked like they are a group of some companies' chairmans or directors. They ordered glasses of vodka and chatted about something and the Russian girls. A old guy then said to the Russian ladies “How much?”… Not sure if the ladies could get his drift or not, but the ladies ignored anyway. The guy muttered “Damn it, they don't know Engrish”. The guy also demanded of the young guy “Hey, get them in any ways!!!”

Meanwhile, "a lady" of the ladies joined, at the moment, the old bird again said “How much?” several times. It seemed the friend understood the old bird's meaning, she replied, “We are not Russian prostitutes!!!”… The old man, however, didn't get her drift because it was most likely that he didn’t speak English or perhaps did know only one phrase “How much?”… The old chaps finally lost, he and the guys just emptied their glasses, returned to a hotel.

Again, I'm not interesting whatever the old bird and the guys do, however, I shiver what the Russian ladies feels about Japanese men. I really don't want to be a man like the old guy.

Around 10 minutes later, the young guy and a tour attendant came back and asked a shopgirl something, presumably a guy from the guys lost its passport and air ticket… They tried to find it for a while, but didn't find it. 5 minutes later, they again appeared with a hotel security guy and a Rus-Jpn translator, the security guy instructed the shopgirl to seek everywhere for the lost stuffs, however they lost again.

Again and again, they were back, and he told “The passport and the ticket were in a hotel room”. I wish Japanese wasn't prohibited from comings and goings of the bar.

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Concorde said...

Since your topic was so interesting, I read not only the Japanese version but English one.

Then, I found some errors.

In the 2nd paragraph,
"here" should be "hear".
"mattered" should be "muttered"

I've recalled learning the meaning of "prostitute" from you.