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March 14, 2008

ロボット掃除機 / Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


I'd like to buy a robotic vacuum cleaner. There are a lot of dust on the wooden floor in my room even I sweep them almost everyday. It's a brilliant thing if someone wipes dust during I'm out of my room.


Bloody fat cleaner... it's impossible to crawl under couch. Actually, this chubby boy was presented by Panasonic in 2002. The press release said that the cleaner would be priced about a few (maybe more) million Japanese Yen (USD around 10-30, 40... thousand). Seems employing a maid is cheaper... I couldn't find any robotic vacuum cleaner in Panasonic web pages, guess they gave up to develop the cleaner...


Roomba made by iRobot. I think Rommba models are most famous ones in Japan. It's high priced but performance is well. Roomba will return to a homebase (also a charger) automatically when a battery is nearly empty, Roomba will never get across virtual walls, which would be put by an owner optionally. Roomba cannot wipe dust plugged in a joint or marbles for example. Roomba is equipped an infrared sensor to detect obstacles, turn to, and back to the homebase.

こちらはトリロバイト。スウェーデン最大の家電機器メーカーエレクトロラックス社の製品です。以前は東芝が輸入・販売していたようですが、現在は既に中止しており正規ルートでは購入困難なようです。Google Product Search ではeBayで1,800ドル。では799.5ポンドといずれも16万円以上の価格です。ちなみに、国内では東芝から22万以上で売られていました。


This is Trilobite made by Electrolux who is the biggest electric products manufacturer in Sweeden. Toshiba imported and sold Trolibite sometime ago in Japan, but now it's no longer available. I now found Trolibite in eBay and and there are priced over USD1,600 - 1,800. Toshiba sold it USD 2,200...

The performance of Trilobite seems fantastic, guess the best robotic cleaner at the present. Faster and cleaner rather than Roomba, particularly cleaning for a big room (25-30 m2 even more), Trilobite is over 10 times faster than Roomba to clean the room. But now it's quite difficult to acquire Trilobite and its consumable goods, I want to ask Toshiba to re-import the fantastic robotic cleaner Trilobite....

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