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March 8, 2008

ロードバイク / Road bike


I'm buying a road bike. Before I had a road bike made by Panasonic, steel tube frame and Shimano Ultegra. At the present, it seems that carbon fibre materials are used for Hi-end models, and for others, Aluminum with carbon materials for example are used. I personally like the "Classic design" means a frame has a horizontal top tube, but the "Sloping design" is major one in the road bike flame market. Even such trend in, several brands are still providing classic design flames i.e. Colnago, Pinarello, and more... It's not cheap deal, this is why I want to have a lovely designed bike rather than good functional ones.


Prince, a flagship product of Pinarello which was provided for Jan Ullrich in Tour de France 1998, returns with a full carbon fibre flame and Onda fork. The Carbon fibre material 50HM1K is supplied by Toray, and for only Pinarello. Rather big tubes are using, particularly for down tube, but its weight is 900g+. A price is about USD6,000 for only frame, Campagnolo Record assembled model is over USD9,800.

プリンスはちょっと高いので、事実上の狙い目はこのFP5 Carbon 30HM12Kでしょうか。シマノ・アルテグラSLもしくはカンパ・ヴェローチェ完成車価格で365,400円。ピナレロのフレームはペイントが本当に綺麗です。イタリア人のセンスかな。

Prince is rather expensive... the FP5 is practically to be bought. The FP5 with Shimano Ultegra SL or Campagnolo Veloce is tagged at USD3,600. Not only the FP5 but Pinarello's bikes have beautiful painting, good Italian sensibilities...

でも、お金があったらこれが欲しいです。モンテロ FM1モノコック。値段はフレームのみで945,000円。TTバイクは華があって、見てるだけでも良いですね。

However, if I have enough ready money to spend for a bike, I want to get this one: Montello FM1 Torayca 50HM1K monocoque. A price is USD 9,300 frame only. It's a brilliant design...

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