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February 13, 2009

ミシュラン PRO3 レース / Michelin PRO3 Race

ミシュランのPRO3 Race。履き替えたばかりなので耐久性は不明ですが、グリップの良さ・スムースな転がり・柔らかな乗り心地に加えておまけに走行音まで少なく、全てにおいてFP5標準のコンチネンタル製タイヤを凌駕してます。タイヤの性能は値段に比例するというのは本当ですね。

The tires on the FP5 have been replaced with Michelin PRO3 Race a couple of days ago, because of just riding several times, couldn't say its permanence but this tires' excellent gripping and smooth riding are better than the continental ones which are equipped on FP5 at the very beginning. Now I recognized the truth that road bike tires' performance was proportionate to its price.

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