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February 11, 2008

ウォーターマン セレニテ / Waterman Serenite


Serenite Blue, the latest model of Serenite series from Waterman. I saw the Serenite Blue at a store adjacent to Tokyo railway station, blue colour came well more than the picture, I want to buy it... The price was JPY 126,000 (USD 1,170)


This is Serenite Gray, the price was rather higher than the Blue, JPY 157,500 (USD 1,470). Perhaps body materials are different from the Blue.

で、たまにでてくる蒔絵シリーズ。セレニテ蒔絵 限定『日の出鶴』 262,500円。全世界限定125本(国内限定30本)だそうです。こちらは、私の趣味じゃないですね。

Then, this is a Serenite Makie (Gold/Silver lacquer) series, Serenite Makie, limited "Hinodezuru", priced JPY262,500 (USD 2,450). A limited number 125 pens in the world, in Japan 30 pens only. It's nice but not my glass of Sake.

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