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May 24, 2007

鳥インフルエンザ / Bird Flu



I will stay here Indo more 2 weeks. By the way, a bird flu infection rate in Indo is much higher than other countries, the governor announced that there are 61 fatal cases out of 79 infected patient at January 2007. The governor therefore notified that the nation should continuously pay attention to bird flu.


The picture was taken at Cilegon, where is located at West of Jakarta and is taken 2 hours by a car. The roostr looks very good, he is being kept to be eaten only...

The hen has also good looking.


At the country areas in Indo, the above situation occasionally observes. The hens went to the inside of a home after taking pics. There are some differences between the nations and the governor...

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consa said...

Hi. Shigs. When is your next posting? I'm looking forward to it!